2 Quick Tips for Checking a Car's Electrical Systems


When your car's electrical systems start to fail, you don't want to overlook this problem. Your car's computer and many other components need proper electricity to operate, so even if the engine runs while electrical systems are experiencing a slowdown, you should still take your car to a repair shop and get the problems addressed.

You might be able to auto electric repairs if you check the basis and are familiar with wiring. Note a few quick tips for checking your car's electrical systems before you take it in for repairs, but if these don't do the trick, leave the work to a professional.

1. Checking the basics

The first thing to check are the terminals on the top or sides of the battery. Ensure that the clamps are tightened and closed and there is no corrosion. If the clamps are not tight around the battery, the electrical flow will be interrupted. Electricity also cannot make its way through severe corrosion, so start there. You can have the battery tested at most auto repair shops; note the voltage your battery should be supplying according to the owner's manual and if the voltage is low, the battery needs recharging or replacing.

The fuses are the next to check; your car owner's manual will tell you where the fuse box is located and you can see if any are popped out, meaning they need replacing. You can usually get replacement fuses at any auto supply store.

2. Mapping the wires and relays

A wiring diagram can help you actually trace the wiring of your car and note if relays are in need of replacing. A wiring diagram for your car can often be found online, and you can use this diagram to trace the wiring in your car from a circuit to a particular part that is acting up. As you trace the wiring, look for the relay, which looks like a coil of wires and a switch. You can manually turn the switch and if this corrects the electrical problem, then you know that the relay needs replacing as it should open and close this switch automatically.

As you trace the wiring, you can also look for corrosion and poor connections. If wires seem bare and frayed, they will need replacing themselves. It's often good to have a professional auto electrician handle this task so that you know you use the right wiring and it gets replaced properly.


6 October 2015

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