Signs Indicating You May Require a Commercial Electrician


When it comes to residential electrical problems, a break in power supply typically means flipping a switch on their fuse box to restore the power until the electrician comes to diagnose the problem. With commercial buildings, this may not be as easy. Here are some of the signs that you may require the services of a commercial electrician like Combined Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd.

Ceiling fixtures that feel hot to the touch

If you suspect that your commercial building is experiencing electrical problems, the first thing to check would be the ceiling fixtures. If they are feeling hot to the touch, chances are the wiring is not properly insulated. If left unchecked, this poses the risk of a fire hazard in the building. A quick fix for this would be to switch to LED bulbs that do not use as much energy as the conventional bulbs. However, it would still be pertinent to enlist the services of a commercial electrician to diagnose the problem and establish whether there is a risk of any danger.

Tingling sensations when you touch appliances

If you are experiencing any tingling when touching an appliance that is in use, chances are you have just felt a minor electrical shock. One of the main culprits of these electrical shocks is faulty wiring in your commercial building. Although in some instances the problem could solely lie with the appliance itself, it is always best to seek the professional services of a commercial electrician to ensure that there is no underlying problem affecting your building.

Lights that keep flickering

The first thing to check when experiencing flickering lights is whether the bulbs that are in use are defective. In the event that you replace the bulb but still experience flickering lights, then the problem could lie with either the light fixture or the wiring in your building. Overall, if flickering lights are happening at various locations in your building, chances are the wiring will need to be attended to by a commercial electrician.

The outlets smell as if they are burning

One of the most serious problems that your commercial building could face is electrical outlets that are either emitting smoke or smell as if they are burning. The first thing that you should do is cut the power supply to these outlets from the main switch. If you do not have access to this, switch off the outlet and do not use it until a commercial electrician has come to diagnose the problem. Burning odours and smoke could be a sign that your building is at risk of an electrical fire. This can be caused due to a variety of reasons such as faulty devices, improper wiring or overloading the outlet.


6 October 2015

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