When to Call an Electrician to Inspect Your Home's Electrical Systems


As a homeowner, you may realize the importance of having certain areas of your home inspected even before you suspect repairs are needed. A roof inspection can allow you to replacing missing shingles before there is an actual collapse, and having the foundation inspected can reveal if it is starting to get soft due to moisture buildup. In the same way, it's good to have your home's electrical system inspected on a regular basis, even if you don't necessarily suspect a problem. Note when you want to call an electrician to inspect your home's electrical systems.

1. When the wiring is a few decades old

If you know the wiring in your home is a few decades old and it's never been replaced or upgraded, it's time for an inspection. As wiring gets old and starts to fray or become worn and bare, it might cause some cessation in the electrical circuit and interrupt your use of certain devices, but not always. Wiring may take some time to become so frayed that you notice an interruption of power, but in the meantime, it could be a hazard for an electrical fire. 

You also want to replace the wiring once it begins to become frayed and bare so that it doesn't damage the electrical devices in your home; constantly being shut on and off due to an interruption in power can mean excessive wear and tear on motors, heating elements, and the like. Have the wiring inspected and replaced before this happens.

2. When circuit breakers never seem to trip

Circuit breakers that always seem to trip are not a good sign; this often means that the wiring is consistently overloaded and you need upgraded wiring, or for the circuits to be rewired. However, the occasional tripped circuit is very normal in a home, and if your breaker box never seems to trip, you might need to have it inspected. The switches may have worn down so that they don't flip and close off a circuit as they should. This can happen if you overuse the switches in order to turn off appliances or because of rust, water damage, and other corrosion. 

Don't assume that a circuit box that never trips is a good thing but instead, if you've gone a full year or two without ever tripping the switches, have the box checked. It may need replacing itself or the wiring behind the box may need an upgrade as well. Contact a professional electrical service like A.J. Palmer Electrical, and have a technician come out and inspect your system.


23 October 2015

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