Common Electrical Problems That Affect Industrial Plants


True to their name, commercial electricians specialise in troubleshooting all manner of electrical problems in commercial enterprises such as business entities, industrial and manufacturing plants, and institutions of learning.

It is important for employees in a commercial building to be able to identify the early signs of electrical problems around the workplace for their own safety and for increased longevity of electrical equipment used within the building. Discussed below are a few common commercial electrical problems.

Sudden Power Loss

Sudden loss of power is perhaps the most common electrical problem in the commercial setting. The sudden loss of power brings all commercial activities that rely on electricity to a halt. This problem occurs when electrical safety triggers are tripped due to an excessive power load.

Employees can handle this electrical problem on their own by locating the main breaker panel or the fuse box, from where they can un-trip the trigger. It is important to point out that some commercial electrical systems are quite complex and feature several switches within the fuse box. If unsure of the correct switch to un-trip, it is best to hire the services of a professional commercial electrician.  

Sparks From Electrical Outlets

The occurrence of sparks from electrical outlets is also a common electrical problem in the commercial setting. This is only normal if there is a sudden diversion of power to an electrical appliance in which case the production of sparks should be quite brief.

Continuous production of sparks from an outlet is an indication that there is excessive build-up of heat in affected outlets. This can easily result in the melting of insulating wires around the electric outlet. This exposes electric wires within the outlet which can easily lead to an electric fire.

Employees in commercial entities need to watch out for power outlets that are excessively hot and should avoid their use until the problem is rectified by a qualified electrician.

Appliances That Break The Circuit

There are a number of high voltage appliances used in the commercial setting. Some of these often cause the circuit to break whenever these appliances are operational. This is an indication that the various appliances are overloading the circuit breaker. It therefore becomes necessary to call in a commercial electrician who will install a separate circuit breaker or move some of the appliances to a different circuit.

Commercial electrical problems can have fatal consequences. There should be no hesitation in calling in the commercial electrical services once any of the above signs are noticed.


2 November 2015

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