How to get the most from your electrician's visit


Using tradesmen can be expensive, so we often put off calling out a plumber or electrician until we really need them. Sometimes this in an emergency, such as when there has been an electrical fault. Other times it is when there is an appliance you need installed, such as a ceiling fan or new oven. Either way, you can get the most from your electrician's visit if you plan ahead and keep in mind some of these points.

Bundle the work together.

Keep a running list of non-urgent electrical things you'd like fixed. These might range from updating your décor by changing the light switches to installing a new power point in a convenient spot. Once the electrician is coming to the house for another reason, add these items to the quote and save additional call out charges. By getting as many jobs done at the same time as possible, it will be more economical for you and more convenient for your sparky.

Don't D.I.Y.

It can be tempting to tackle some of the smaller tasks yourself if you have some electrical knowledge. Do bear in mind, however, that the risks substantially outweigh the benefits. Any electrical work carries the hazard of serious injury or death. Even if you complete the work safely, a mistake could potentially be a fire hazard further down the track. In most states, there are heavy fines for any electrical work carried out without a licence. Work you do yourself cannot be inspected and approved by a qualified professional at a later date; it must be performed by them to begin with. However, if you know your electrician well, he may be open to you doing some of the non-electrical components of the work. For example, preparation work like digging trenches for cables, or any of the patching/plastering that is needed upon completion.

Ask your electrician's advice

While your electrician is on the premises, ask them to do a quick safety inspection. Even a 5 minute look at your wiring and fuse box will tell you if there are any repairs that need attending to in the next year or so. If you are already thinking of installing another appliance or doing any renovation work, ask your electrician for their thoughts. They may have helpful ideas on the best method to keep costs down and how you should stage the work.

With electricity, safety is the priority, so find a reliable, qualified electrician in your area. The right electrician will be happy to work with you to make the most of both your time and his own.


3 November 2015

How to Ensure You Always Get Quality Electrical Work

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