3 Signs of Electrical Wiring Problems in Your Home


Some homeowners think that you need to have electrical training in order to detect wiring problems. However, not all wiring problems require a high level of technical knowledge for you to detect them. This article discusses three signs that can alert you to a wiring problem in your home. Take the necessary steps (such as calling an electrician) in case you notice any of those signs in your home.

Plugs Keep Falling Out of Their Receptacle

Have you ever put a plug into a socket and it immediately dropped out? The problem was not with the plug; the socket was defective. Dropping plugs signal that the contacts inside the socket no longer grip the prongs of the plug. This poses a high risk to your home because the loose contacts can arc (cause sparks to fly from one part of the socket to another). This can cause a short circuit to occur, resulting in an electrical fire. It can also damage the electronic device that you are trying to plug into that socket. Replace that socket immediately. Hire an electrician if you can't replace it on your own.

Having Too Many Extension Cables

Heavy reliance on power strips or extension cables is a pointer to the fact that you have very few power outlets in your home. Extension cables may not be a problem, unless you use undersize cables. Those smaller cables may overheat and cause an electrical fire to break out. Extension cables also pose a trip hazard since they may run over floor space that is used frequently. Solve this problem by asking an electrician to install extra power outlets within your house. You can also ask him or her to check whether the extension cables that you are using are heavy-duty cables.

Lights Flicker When a Wind Blows

This is a clear sign that there are frayed wires outside your home at the point where the cable from the power line comes to your home (also called the weather-head). This is a very risky situation because the wires can arc and start a major electrical fire. Contact the utility company so that they can replace that weather-head. An electrician may also advise you on what you can do as you wait for the utility company to take action.

Wiring defects should never be taken lightly. This is because they have the potential to destroy property and life if corrective action is not taken. Always contact a certified electrician from a company like Home Cabling Solutions in case you notice any problem with your electrical supply.


23 November 2015

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