How to Handle a Power Outage in the Workplace


When there is a power outage at work, it is important to keep people calm and safe, ensuring all employees know what is expected of them. There are also some other precautions to keep in mind, including when it is okay to use electrical outlets when the power is back on and how to use a generator. Here are some tips for handling a power outage in the workplace.

Have a Safety Checklist in Place

Before you have a power outage in your building, make sure you have a set plan, including safety tasks that need to be performed and an evacuation plan if it becomes necessary. You and your management team should know where the electrical box or circuit breaker is located. You need to know how to reset the breaker to restore power. You should also have some emergency supplies on hand, including a first aid kit, flashlights, portable radio, and extra blankets in case the building is cold when the heat goes out. If you use candles as your light source, keep them away from any heat sources.

Know the Safety Precautions of a Portable Generator

It is a good idea to have a portable generator in your office for times like this, but make sure you know how to store it and use it properly. Keep the generator outside of the offices in a well ventilated area. It needs to be away from windows and doors. There are fumes that come out of the generator when it is running, and you don't want those fumes coming in through the windows. Also have carbon monoxide alarms installed prior to using the generator. If it is an older model or hasn't been used in a long time, have an electrician inspect it for safety.

Practice Caution When the Power is Back On

Even when the power comes back on, you still need to practice caution. There is a risk of electrical feedback shortly after the power is turned on. Don't just let your employees start turning on all the lights and using electronic devices without restoring power in a safe manner.  Have a trained employee handle restoring the power and testing it to be sure it is safe to use when the power comes back on.

Be Careful During a Severe Storm

If the power went out due to a severe storm, you need to be extra careful when it comes back on. Inspect the inside of the building before restoring power to look for any signs of water. If there is water, do not turn it on. Call for emergency help from an electrician and have them inspect the property first. They will let you know when ti is safe to enter and use the electricity.


21 December 2015

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