Simple Safety Guidelines for Electrical Mining Operations


There are different types of electrical machines that are crucial in commercial mining operations. The common electrically powered products in modern setups include haul trucks, scoops and shovels. These are favourable because the equipment will not produce toxic fumes like diesel and petrol alternatives. In addition, they require less maintenance since you will not need to change engine oil or fuel filters.

The mining operation will also require electrical powering devices such as capacitor banks, substations and motor control centres. These are designed to facilitate consistent power flow into the equipment for efficient working. If you acquire these machines and devices, it is critical to ensure that they are handled responsibly to prevent electrical accidents. Here are simple guidelines on enhancing safety in an electrical mining operation.

Install Safety Devices

The mining environment is unpredictable because there are constant changes due to the ground disturbance. Therefore, it is important to install safety devices in the electrical connections in case an accident that disturbs power flow occurs. The switchgear is one of the crucial safety devices to consider for installation. This is designed to isolate and provide protection for the high voltage connections in the operations. These devices can be installed in underground and surface mining worksites.

Distribution boxes are essential in the protection of low voltage circuits. These are essential when extending the power from the source to different equipment, and they will ensure that the power flow is sufficient and consistent. You should also select distribution boxes with extra safety components such as explosion proof enclosures. Additionally, ensure that your mine load centres that provide the power have overcurrent protection and a way for emergency disconnection.

Commission Regular Inspection

You should commission regular inspection of the equipment to ensure that potential risks for electrocution and electrical shock to employees are resolved. Electrical mining machines are not infallible, and their service will deteriorate over time. This can be attributed to the harsh conditions of the worksite, including ground disturbances, damage by mechanical impact and normal wear and tear. Operational issues and safety hazards can occur if these problems are not identified in time.

Choose Expert Contractors

The safety of the mining operation will depend on how well the electrical components are installed in the worksite. Therefore, you should engage an electrical mining contractor for the setup process, maintenance and repairs. Ideally, you can hire any commercial electrical expert for the project. However, it is advisable to choose a mining service specialist because they have experience and knowledge with regard to the safety requirements.


24 February 2016

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