Top 5 reasons why residential solar is important


The solar VAT is bound to increase from 5 percent to 20 percent. It would be wise to purchase one now before the VAT rises. The sun is an energy powerhouse, and you can exploit this energy using the solar photo-voltaic or electric system to produce reliable electricity. Many individuals are going for solar energy. Why? Read on to find out their secret.

1. Instantly reduces your electricity bills

A vast amount of funds goes to cover the electricity bills; however, this is not the case with solar panels. Your savings will go higher since you are consuming less energy from the electricity organisation. A well-sized solar electric system can offset about 70 percent of your home's power utility thanks to net metering. Net metering involves releasing excess energy from your solar panels to the energy grid for other entities to use at a fee.

2. Solar panels boost your home value

Purchasing a house with solar panels reduces electricity costs. A reduction in electricity charges will increase your home value. Solar panels, like renovated kitchens, act as home upgrades. Solar panels will never be outdated since they add value to your property.

3. Eco-friendly

Since the use of solar energy has zero effect on the environment, most people are going for it. Solar panels do not harm the air or soil. It is a clean and renewable energy source. Solar utility reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, stops noise pollution and allows you to utilise the energy from any location.

4. Government support

There is colossal government support on solar initiatives. Both commercial and residential solar installations receive tax credits of up to 30 percent. This subsidy makes the generation of solar power more affordable. You could also enjoy other incentives like local and state rebates.

5. Boosts grid security

When there is a surfeit of spread-out power plants, then the grid will rarely face blackouts. Grids with high solar energy penetrations have a multitude of broadly spread out energy creation centres. This action boosts grid safety in the occurrence of overloads or man-caused and natural disasters.

Wrapping it up

The benefits of solar energy are endless. Other benefits include job creation, diverse applications as well as low costs of maintenance. Do you live in colder areas? There is no need to worry since solar panels are useful in both warmer regions and colder regions. Moreover, since solar energy is gaining popularity, it could act as a secure investment.


30 September 2019

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