Do You Know What You Need to Get Your Electricity Connected When Subdividing?


When subdividing your land in Queensland into two or more allotments, more goes into planning to accommodate the installation of world-class electrical solutions. In addition, subdivisions for residential, commercial, or industrial development require adequate electrical infrastructure from a rated consultant with experience in Energex subdivisions to enable the supply of electricity and the design of a subdivision that complies with Energex standards. If you are looking to obtain a new electrical connection to your subdivision, here are the steps you will take to make your project a success. 

Electrical Network Design 

An electrical design for a subdivision is no easy task and requires a lot of expertise from experienced subdivision electrical engineers or designers. Your designer must consider quality, specific requirements for the subdivision, price, and energy company requirements to guarantee satisfactory outcomes. 

Keep in mind that you want to work with highly experienced designers for your electricity project because a poor-quality design and documentation not only affects your certification from the energy network authority but also increases the need for reworks during construction. You want to invest a little more in your electrical network design when it comes to consultant fees and engaging highly experienced designers to save a much greater amount during construction. 

Methods Of Supply 

When you are looking to power your subdivision, you will also have to consider the method of distribution to supply your property with electricity. When applying an electricity connection, you need to determine your subdivision style. The distribution method to the subdivision is determined by the type of subdivision, namely, low density, medium density, and high density subdivisions. Depending on the land you want to subdivide, an Energex subdivision contractor will either use high voltage lines along road reserves or a combination of high-voltage and low-voltage underground cables to aid electric supply. 

When subdividing your land, you also want to keep in mind that each allotment will need its own frontage to the power supply network connection point without intrusion on other properties. You want to avoid joint service arrangements in your planning stage to avoid a connection of design denial. 

Network Construction 

Once the provided design plan is approved, you can bring in expert electrical contractors recognized by Energex to complete some tasks required to provide electricity supply to your subdivisions. They must have the qualifications, training, and experience to ensure all works are constructed as designed and meet energy standards. A final network audit will be completed, and if there are no problems with your paperwork or construction, your electricity should be connected fairly quickly. 

Make sure you choose a reputable Energex subdivisions contractor since they are responsible for providing all materials and construction plans. 


27 October 2021

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