Common Electrical Problems at The Workplace


A good flow of electricity is vital to keep your office functional. While fire alarms and surveillance cameras enhance safety at the workplace, a lot is at stake if you neglect your electrical system. As an employer, you should occasionally inspect your office's electrical system (however foolproof your system is) to ensure everyone's safety.

Check out several electrical problems you should look out for in your workplace and how you can prevent them.

Improper Grounding

You need to ensure that you ground every electrical device or appliance at the office. This step is vital as it reroutes excess power from your electrical system. Therefore, you will not experience cases of electrocution, electrical fires and damage to the devices at your business premises.

For instance, short circuits can create power surges that destroy all plugged-in appliances or devices. With properly grounded circuits, your devices are safe from energy surges. Proper grounding has other advantages such as:

  • Low equipment repair costs and downtimes
  • Reduces electrical noise for a better signal quality

To see if your office's electrical system is earthed or grounded, check your power outlets. If you have 3-pronged outlets, your electrical system should contain three wires, with one wire as the grounding connection. Also, you will notice a 3-wire cord and 3-pronged plug-in electrical appliances that need grounding.  

Still, you should hire a commercial electrician to conduct an electrical grounding test and fix any faults with your electrical system. 

Faulty Wiring

Damaged wiring, incorrect wiring, or old wiring can expose you to electrical complications at the office. For starters, damaged wires put you at risk of electrical fires and shocks. So, if you have faulty wires, you should ask your commercial electrician to fix them right away. For cables with exposed wires, you should also bring in an electrician to replace them as the job is quite dangerous for a DIY approach. 

Proper wire sizes also matter. Wire sizes determine the amount of electrical load they can bear. If you incorrectly size your wires, they may overheat and melt the insulation, which could lead to electrical fires. Since you likely don't know if your office has the correct wiring, you should hire an electrician for an assessment.  

Additionally, old wiring might be the culprit if you experience increased power surges. The dangers of old wiring become more apparent when you install new lighting fixtures. New lighting fixtures draw more current than the old wiring can handle, which might result in a circuit overload. So, upgrade your wiring to reduce electrical hazards in your office. 

If you experience any electrical problems, take the necessary measures to mitigate risks. Enlist a reputable commercial electrician to ensure your office has proper grounding and modern, properly installed wiring.

For more information, contact a commercial electrician near you.


25 January 2022

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