What Are the Benefits of Putting Residential Electricity Lines Underground?


When you're building a new residential development, you need to pay attention to infrastructure and ensure that you can deliver power successfully to each individual home. So, when it comes to this delivery, the traditional way is to place lines overhead, but there are significant advantages linked to going belowground instead. What do you need to know about these advantages? Aesthetics When you are developing homes for sale, you need to ensure that people will be happy with the aesthetics and that your infrastructure does not take away from the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

18 July 2023

What Are the Most Frequent Electrical Issues with a Fridge Freezer?


It's frustrating when a refrigerator or freezer stops working unexpectedly. This could be due to an electrical fault, and if you're lucky, some of these problems can be fixed without the need for an electrician. So what kind of problems could you encounter? Thermostat Problems The thermostat is one of the most important parts of any fridge or freezer, as it controls the temperature inside the appliance. If your fridge is not cooling properly, it could indicate a problem with the thermostat.

21 March 2023