Top 5 reasons why residential solar is important


The solar VAT is bound to increase from 5 percent to 20 percent. It would be wise to purchase one now before the VAT rises. The sun is an energy powerhouse, and you can exploit this energy using the solar photo-voltaic or electric system to produce reliable electricity. Many individuals are going for solar energy. Why? Read on to find out their secret. 1. Instantly reduces your electricity bills A vast amount of funds goes to cover the electricity bills; however, this is not the case with solar panels.

30 September 2019

3 Considerations for Hiring an Emergency Electrician


Even though DIY skills are crucial in fixing small electrical issues, such know-how is no match for professional services that are offered by a qualified and certified electrician. Also, when you entrust such work to an experienced expert, you avert the risk associated with electrical fault such as shock and electrocution that could lead to fatalities or loss of property. A qualified electrician will give you peace of mind because they will arrive on site at the opportune moment to fix any problems that you could be experiencing in your home, for instance, repairing or replacing a damaged fuse during the wee hours of the night.

11 July 2018

4 Signs Your Heat Pump is Leaking Refrigerant


Even though heat pumps can be used to heat the water for your home, they still need refrigerant in order to work properly. That refrigerant should stay in a closed-loop system, where it will be subject to changes in pressure and temperature to warm or cool the system. However, it's not unknown for a heat pump to start leaking coolant. It's a problem that you'll want to address as soon as possible to avoid more expensive repairs, so here are four common signs to keep your eye out for.

15 September 2017

Troubleshooting a Few Common Problems With a Washing Machine


A washing machine usually runs for years without problems, if it's a high-quality model and you don't regularly overfill it or add very heavy items to the machine. When it does break down, you may not need to call a repairperson right away. There are some common issues with a washer that you might be able to address on your own with the following troubleshooting tips. These can also give you an idea of what repairs a technician might need to make if you do need to call for their assistance.

25 July 2016

Four Tips for Setting Up Flood Lights at an Outdoor Expo or Trade Show


If you are planning an outdoor expo and it is going to run into the dark hours of the evening, you need to make a lighting plan, and flood lighting can help. Whether you buy or hire flood lights, here are four tips to help you light your event successfully. 1. Position the lights before the cords. Once you know how your show is going to be laid out in terms of where the booths and the aisles are going to be, it's time to set up your flood lighting.

21 June 2016

Preventative Heat Pump Maintenance for Your New Home


If you've just moved into a home with a heat pump installed, you might be wondering what you should be doing to keep it in good working order. If you're lucky, you'll have been given the manufacturer's guide for your system. This will give you instructions about the preventative measures you can take to get a long life out of your heat pump system. If you don't have a copy of this, find the make and model of the system then contact the manufacturer to request a replacement.

19 May 2016

Electrical Safety Tips: Avoiding Electrical Hazards


Electricity is one of the most prominent of man's inventions. Its uses are limitless, and the fact that it's all over makes us forget how dangerous and powerful it can be. Don't wait for a tragedy before you start following any safety rules, you may be placing both yourself and your family at risk. Remember, just like fire, electricity is a bad master. You need to know exactly how to tame it.

31 March 2016

Simple Safety Guidelines for Electrical Mining Operations


There are different types of electrical machines that are crucial in commercial mining operations. The common electrically powered products in modern setups include haul trucks, scoops and shovels. These are favourable because the equipment will not produce toxic fumes like diesel and petrol alternatives. In addition, they require less maintenance since you will not need to change engine oil or fuel filters. The mining operation will also require electrical powering devices such as capacitor banks, substations and motor control centres.

24 February 2016

Independent Electrical Contractors Vs In-House Electricians


Electricity is the bloodline of a large number of commercial entities. Many times, the absence of electricity (e.g. during maintenance of commercial electrical systems) brings business to a standstill. Thus, the importance of a well-functioning commercial electrical system is seen. Installation and maintenance of commercial electrical systems should always be left for the professionals due to the potentially dangerous nature of electrical repairs and maintenance-related activities. This article provides a few reasons why hiring the services of an independent electrical contractor is a more cost-effective option compared to retaining the services of an in-house commercial electrician.

21 January 2016

How to Handle a Power Outage in the Workplace


When there is a power outage at work, it is important to keep people calm and safe, ensuring all employees know what is expected of them. There are also some other precautions to keep in mind, including when it is okay to use electrical outlets when the power is back on and how to use a generator. Here are some tips for handling a power outage in the workplace. Have a Safety Checklist in Place

21 December 2015