Simple Safety Guidelines for Electrical Mining Operations


There are different types of electrical machines that are crucial in commercial mining operations. The common electrically powered products in modern setups include haul trucks, scoops and shovels. These are favourable because the equipment will not produce toxic fumes like diesel and petrol alternatives. In addition, they require less maintenance since you will not need to change engine oil or fuel filters. The mining operation will also require electrical powering devices such as capacitor banks, substations and motor control centres.

24 February 2016

Independent Electrical Contractors Vs In-House Electricians


Electricity is the bloodline of a large number of commercial entities. Many times, the absence of electricity (e.g. during maintenance of commercial electrical systems) brings business to a standstill. Thus, the importance of a well-functioning commercial electrical system is seen. Installation and maintenance of commercial electrical systems should always be left for the professionals due to the potentially dangerous nature of electrical repairs and maintenance-related activities. This article provides a few reasons why hiring the services of an independent electrical contractor is a more cost-effective option compared to retaining the services of an in-house commercial electrician.

21 January 2016

How to Handle a Power Outage in the Workplace


When there is a power outage at work, it is important to keep people calm and safe, ensuring all employees know what is expected of them. There are also some other precautions to keep in mind, including when it is okay to use electrical outlets when the power is back on and how to use a generator. Here are some tips for handling a power outage in the workplace. Have a Safety Checklist in Place

21 December 2015

3 Signs of Electrical Wiring Problems in Your Home


Some homeowners think that you need to have electrical training in order to detect wiring problems. However, not all wiring problems require a high level of technical knowledge for you to detect them. This article discusses three signs that can alert you to a wiring problem in your home. Take the necessary steps (such as calling an electrician) in case you notice any of those signs in your home. Plugs Keep Falling Out of Their Receptacle

23 November 2015

Services Best Left to a Professional Residential Electrical Installer


You don't need to call an electrician every time you want to install a ceiling fan or other such device, but this doesn't mean that every residential electrical installation can be done by the homeowner. This is true even if you have a good owner's manual and can find instructional videos online that walk you through the process. There are often reasons to consider having a professional handle residential electrical installation of various projects; note the following so you know when to call a professional versus trying to handle certain jobs on your own.

16 November 2015

Safety measures when terminating fibre optic cables


Fibre optics is becoming more and more common to use in many different areas. It's very possible you have many systems using fibre optics in your home, whether it is for lighting or internet. Sometimes, you might have to repair or get rid of fibre optic cables to optimise your systems. If you are unsure, you should contact a licensed electrician; but if you want to handle this on your own, there are some things you should think about.

13 November 2015

How to get the most from your electrician's visit


Using tradesmen can be expensive, so we often put off calling out a plumber or electrician until we really need them. Sometimes this in an emergency, such as when there has been an electrical fault. Other times it is when there is an appliance you need installed, such as a ceiling fan or new oven. Either way, you can get the most from your electrician's visit if you plan ahead and keep in mind some of these points.

3 November 2015